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Music & Life Update

This is a full update! If you want info on the new single, scroll to the bottom!  Hey friend, I can’t believe it’s already August… this year is flying by!  As I posted on Instagram and Facebook recently… the album I’m writing is taking longer than I anticipated because of how all-consuming Mythologie Candles has become!  I’m certainly…


Pre-Production Clips from the Next LEAH Album!

If you’re dying for a taste of the music to come from the next LEAH metal album take a listen to these pre-production sneak peeks!

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1st Single From New Winter Album: “Redemption”

Presenting the very first track off the new upcoming Winter album is “Redemption”! This album is a mix of traditional Celtic, folk, fantasy and Winter with a hint of medieval spice, due November 15th, 2019. Enjoy the new track! Crowfunding is currently LIVE and underway. Every like, share, stream, save helps to promote the album,…

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BIG NEWS! Celtic Fantasy Winter Album Coming Soon – Crowdfunding in the Works!

{{{ BIG NEWS }}} The new Celtic Winter album is very close to being complete. A few finishing touches on final vocals, the guest musicians are 99% finished, and one song has already gone to mixing! The artwork is in the works as we speak and I’m finalizing the track listing and the album title…


Why I Don’t Tour

Many people don’t know this, but when I began my music career in 2012 I chose not to be a touring artist (for now) because I have young children (ages 3-12). I didn’t know if I would ever “make it” because of that choice, but it was very clear to me I shouldn’t put my…

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“The Quest” Officially Releases Tomorrow, Friday, October 5th!

Can you believe it?!? Time has flown by so fast and the release of the new Symphonic-Fantasy album is happening TOMORROW! Today, although there are many tasks for me to do in preparation for tomorrow, I’m also focusing on trying to ENJOY this moment. It’s been a Quest for myself, just in creating this album.…