Pre-Production Clips from the Next LEAH Album!

If you’re dying for a taste of the music to come from the next LEAH metal album take a listen to these pre-production sneak peeks!

What is pre-production status?
It’s when the song structures are finalized and the main elements and parts are there. The next step is to re-record all the drums, bass, guitars, and vocals.

In all these preproduction clips the vocals were originally sung as “scratch tracks” to map out the song, and usually without any percussion or guitars yet. When I go to re-record vocals at the end and all the kick-ass instruments are there, my performance is very different! I definitely feed off all that energy.

If you’d like to participate in supporting the making of this album, you can buy me a virtual coffee (or beer!) here! All proceeds go directly to making this album!

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