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I recieved LEAHs new Album "the Quest" today - and it is absolutely stunning! Her music is one of a kind, and inspires the mind to disappear into a distant historical or fantasy world. I am truly happy I discovered her music, and would recommend her work to anyone who is interested in celtic metal.

Henrik Wichmann 

The Quest has been out for over a month now, and I’ve been listening to it nonstop. It’s absolutely amazing!! I feel like Leah has really grown and expanded in terms of her vocal technique and music composition. I also really love how this album has a bit more folk metal elements to it to add to the Celtic and Symphonic influences. All do the guest musicians did wonderful in adding something unique and beautiful to the songs. Overall, it’s a great album any very much worth your time and money. If you haven’t heard it yet, go listen to it!! You won’t be disappointed.

Stephanie Pilcher

Amazing music from the heart and soul. Talent that flows as a river through one of the landscapes in her songs. Pure beauty and passion exudes every song.

Kris Brooks


Album #3 Kings & Queens

Album #4 The Quest

Album #5 Ancient Winter


From LEAH: "I’m so excited for this moment...Ancient Winter is finally available to the world! My intention was to create a very special atmosphere and mood that makes you imagine feasts in great halls, ruins of ancient cathedrals, hooded monks, stained glass, Northern lights in a midnight sky, silent snowfall and evergreen forests amidst a lantern-lit village. An utterly magical place you don’t want to leave. This is the music to accompany that dreamy place. I hope everyone loves it and shares it.” 

Second Single: Lion Arises!

I'm feeling more inspired than ever right now, and I want to share this moment with you. As many of you are aware, I tend not to write in specific detail, but more in themes and moods and bigger concepts. This particular song was inspired by a mix of a little passage from Psalm 3 and lots of imagination.

First Single: Edge Of Your Sword!

I’m delighted to share with you the very first single from the new album - 2 years in the making - The Quest. The first single is quite upbeat, with lots of fantasy, quiet moments and then really loud intense moments with high energy. I wanted to experience it all in this song!

From the Rugged Coast Of British Columbia, Canada...

Celtic Metal Songstress, LEAH, Is Making Waves Across The Globe

Fans say her voice truly unique - a blend of ethereal femininity and controlled power. They call her "the metal Enya" and describe the mood as "chillout music for metalheads".

From ethereal ballads to folk-tales, mysterious world instrumentation and operatic blast beats, LEAH’s voice is a breath of fresh air among a sea of female-fronted rock.

LEAH is also known for her savvy music marketing skills, as she uses the latest digital marketing and online business strategies to build her music career online. She is not currently a touring artist and prides herself in raising her five young children at home.

That decision hasn't stopped LEAH from succeeding, nor have her fans shown any less support -- maybe just the opposite.

LEAH continues to blaze new trails for independent musicians and true music-lovers alike.

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